Samurai of Culture – Agency for Cultural Affairs

CLIENT: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
WORK: Create a tourism course based on samurai culture in Kagoshima Prefecture for the Project to Enhance Cultural Tourism Content for the Resumption and Expansion of Tourism

In 2022, our company was selected by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to develop and promote cultural tourism content, focusing on the revival and growth of the tourism industry. As part of this initiative, we created the ‘Samurai of Culture’ tour, which highlights and connects the lesser-known aspects of the Satsuma Clan samurai culture.

The Satsuma clan warriors, once revered as the most formidable, were in fact cultural connoisseurs who emphasized both literary and martial arts. Their daily lives incorporated not only combat skills but also a deep appreciation for culture and the arts. This rich tradition is at risk of fading away due to a shortage of successors and other challenges.

To ensure the preservation of this cultural heritage, we have developed the ‘Samurai of Culture’ tour, which leverages the power of tourism to support the inheritors of these traditions with fair compensation. Our focus on cultural tourism involves branding, creating engaging video content, and designing informative pamphlets that showcase the unique aspects of the Satsuma Clan’s history and culture.

To learn more about the ‘Samurai of Culture’ tour and our efforts in the development of cultural tourism, branding, video content, and other promotional materials, please visit our website.

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