Historic Townscape Development for Sustainable Tourism – Japan Tourism Agency

CLIENT: Japan Tourism Agency
WORK: Historic Townscape Development for Sustainable Tourism
Board Member, Advisor

In 2022, I was appointed as a selection committee member, expert, and coach for the Tourism Agency’s ‘Historical Townscape Development for Sustainable Tourism’ project. Throughout the year, I had the opportunity to visit and provide guidance to the regions selected for this transformative initiative.

You can find articles detailing my visits and experiences during this project on the insights page of our website. This comprehensive account offers valuable insights into the development process, the communities involved, and our expert advice’s impact on their growth and success.

Our company has a long-standing relationship with the Japan Tourism Agency, collaborating on numerous projects to promote tourism and preserve cultural heritage. As experts in the field, we have contributed our knowledge and skills to a wide range of initiatives, making a tangible difference in local communities.

We have worked closely with local governments and communities to identify, restore, and promote historical sites with significant cultural value. Our expert advice has been instrumental in selecting which destinations to develop and providing ongoing support throughout the project.

Our involvement also extends to capacity building for local stakeholders. By providing training and coaching to local authorities, businesses, and individuals, we have helped strengthen their capabilities to manage and promote tourism in their respective areas, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Selection of subsidised projects
Coaching selected projects

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