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GOTOKU is a travel and tourism consultancy offering in-depth services to Japan and its regions. We work with the government, local government, DMOs, DMCs, hotels, airlines, media, and other tourism stakeholders to develop cultural tourism in Japan. We aim to promote authentic Japan and help protect its culture for future generations.

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Initial Consultation

First, we schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, we ask questions and gather information about your goals, challenges and needs. We evaluate how we can work with you to understand more about your business and industry and assess how we can help you achieve your goals.


Research & Proposal

Information gathered during the initial consultation is analysed, and recommendations are made. We may conduct market research, analyse industry trends and assess current performance. Based on this analysis, a customised plan is developed to achieve the your goals and address challenges.


Execution & Follow-up

The final stage of our consultancy process is implementing recommendations and providing ongoing support. We assist with implementing new strategies and tactics, monitor progress and provide regular updates. We are committed to ensuring your success and will support you with any additional concerns or issues that may arise.

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GOTOKU is A specialist consulting company for cultural tourism development

GOTOKU is a specialised consulting company with expertise in the Japanese travel, leisure, and tourism industry, with a strong emphasis on developing cultural tourism to support and revitalise local sustainability. In addition, we offer comprehensive services tailored to overseas companies looking to enter the Japanese market.

Our services include inbound and overseas sales support, translation and copywriting, product development for the Japanese market, product and corporate branding, and more, all designed to help international businesses successfully establish a presence in Japan.

We have extensive experience collaborating with private companies, organisations, regional administrations, and local tourism-related entities, conducting real-time assessments of regions throughout Japan. Moreover, we work closely with central authorities such as the Japan Tourism Agency and the Agency for Cultural Affairs to foster regional development and local revitalisation through cultural tourism initiatives.

Sustainability and regional revitalisation are at the core of our mission, which involves leveraging traditional culture and local resources from all corners of Japan to craft unforgettable cultural experiences that cater to the preferences of Japanese consumers. Our objective is to ensure long-term success for our international clients by harnessing the distinct charm of each region.

By focusing on the context outlined above, GOTOKU offers a unique approach to cultural tourism development that prioritises the preservation of authenticity and legacy. With our support, overseas businesses can expand their reach into the Japanese market and contribute to the sustainable growth and revitalisation of Japan’s diverse regions.

Why Us?

Extensive experience and knowledge of Japan

Our extensive experience and knowledge of Japan’s rich history, culture, and traditions make GOTOKU an invaluable partner for companies looking to enter the Japanese market. By leveraging our understanding of Japan’s unique customs and nuances, GOTOKU can help businesses successfully navigate the complexities of the Japanese market.


GOTOKU’s strong relationships with national and local government and private companies further enhance our ability to support businesses looking to work in Japan. These connections can facilitate seamless collaborations and help businesses access valuable resources and networks crucial for successful market entry.

Long term Problem SolvinG

In addition to our deep understanding of the Japanese market, GOTOKU also emphasizes long-term problem-solving strategies for businesses looking to establish a lasting presence in Japan. We recognise the importance of addressing immediate and future challenges to ensure sustainable growth and success in the competitive Japanese market.


GOTOKU firmly believes in authenticity and legacy, ensuring we deliver reliable results and captivate international clients. By embracing the unwavering essence of Japan’s culture and honouring the traditions inherited from previous generations, we provide businesses with genuine insights and strategies for entering and thriving in the Japanese market.


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