about us

Fostering regional revitalisation and safeguarding cultural legacies for a sustainable future.

Our Innovative Approach: Blending Tradition and Modernity

At GOTOKU LLC, we’re passionate about crafting exceptional and sustainable cultural tourism experiences. Founded in 2019, our mission is to collaborate with local communities in preserving and promoting their unique culture and heritage. We believe in the power of connecting traditions with the present, ensuring a vibrant and thriving society for generations to come.

Our dynamic approach to tourism development is about striking the perfect balance between honouring local history and adapting to contemporary tourism needs. By combining these elements, we can maximise each region’s appeal and provide unforgettable experiences for visitors to Japan.

At the heart of our strategy lies a strong commitment to sustainable development and local empowerment. By working closely with regional stakeholders, we support tourism projects that not only bolster the local economy and create job opportunities, but also contribute to the overall appeal of the region.

Our Guiding Principles


We work hand-in-hand with local communities, ensuring that their voices and unique perspectives are at the forefront of our initiatives.


We embrace creativity and adaptability, developing new ways to promote cultural tourism that excite and engage travelers.


We strive for long-term prosperity, investing in projects that promote the well-being of both the environment and the local community.


We celebrate and protect each region’s rich history and heritage, ensuring that these treasured traditions are passed on to future generations.

meet our team


Chief Consultant

Alexander Bradshaw is a highly accomplished individual with extensive experience in the tourism and IT sectors. He was born in Sheffield, England and obtained a degree in History from the University of Leeds. After graduating, he worked as a systems engineer for a major IT company before moving to Japan in 2005.

During his time at Shimadzu Limited, Alexander was responsible for raising the profile of Kagoshima. He served as Head of Overseas Business until September 2022, when he left to focus on GOTOKU, established in 2019.

As well as his involvement with GOTOKU, Alexander currently serves as a Cool Japan Producer for the Cabinet Office, Director of Overseas Communications for Kagoshima Prefecture, City Beautification Advisor for Kagoshima City and committee member for many projects run by the Japan Tourism Agency. He is also active as a lecturer in the tourism sector and provides advice to both the private and public sectors.

In 2019, Alexander was awarded the Silver Award in the Best Attraction category at the International Travel & Tourism Awards in London for his work on the large-scale renovation project of Sengan-en, a historic stately home and gardens and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in Kagoshima City.

Alexander Bradshaw is an inspiring individual who has made a considerable contribution to the tourism sector in Japan. His dedication and hard work have resulted in many successful projects and initiatives, making him a highly respected figure in the industry.



Chisato Bradshaw, a native of Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, has made a name for herself as an exceptional event and operations manager. She began her professional journey as an English teacher at a private school, but her entrepreneurial spirit soon led her to establish the Bradshaw English School. 

In 2019, Chisato embraced a new opportunity, helping to found GOTOKU, an organisation committed to providing unparalleled tourism experiences in Japan. Alongside her managerial role, she excels as a translator and writer, contributing insightful articles to the travel industry.

Chisato’s accomplishments extend beyond her professional life. As an avid reader, she consumes over 200 books annually and leads regular book clubs in her hometown of Kagoshima City. Her passion for culture, art, and gastronomy is evident in her diverse interests and hobbies, making her a valuable resource for GOTOKU and its clientele.

With her proven expertise in event management and operations, coupled with her linguistic skills and deep appreciation for culture, Chisato Bradshaw continues to be an instrumental figure in enhancing the tourism experience in Japan. Her dedication to creating memorable and enriching experiences for travellers is a testament to her impressive achievements in the industry.