Cool Japan Producer – Cabinet Office

CLIENT: Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
WORK: Cool Japan Producer

In 2022, I was honoured to be appointed a Cool Japan Producer, a vital role in the Cool Japan Strategy promoted by the Cabinet Office. This initiative aims to showcase the diverse and fascinating aspects of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture to a global audience.

As a Cool Japan Producer, my responsibilities extend beyond simply disseminating information about Cool Japan-related events held in Japan and abroad via social media platforms. I am also actively involved in various activities designed to promote and celebrate the unique attractions of Japan that I find “cool” and captivating.

The primary focus of my position is to champion the diverse and alluring aspects of Japan, including its art, fashion, cuisine, technology, and more. Through collaborations, events, and innovative promotional strategies, I strive to highlight the lesser-known gems that make Japan such an intriguing and captivating destination.

Promotional activities
Lectures and panel discussions

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